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The neighbour’s are complaining, the kids are escaping and you haven’t seen the dog in days. Time for  new fencing?

Fence Connection offer a wide range of new fences to match your preferences and budget. If you need a new fence or fencing repairs, here are some of the options available to you.

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Panel Fencing

When choosing a new fence, prefabricated fence panels can vary quite considerably in style, cost and longevity.

Lap panel fencing for example is an excellent option for a low cost fence, although they are not as robust as say a Closeboard panel.

Premium panels are available in a wide range of styles so they tend to use a higher grade pine than lap panels; increasing the longevity of the panel as well as the aesthetics.

Prefabricated panels are easily replaced in the future when used with a slotted concrete post or premium slotted wooden post.

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Closeboard Fencing

The most popular new fence we do is  closeboard fencing. Therefore, you will find that our hand built closeboard fence is one of the most durable wooden fences you can buy. They are strong and attractive especially if finished off with post caps. Concrete posts and gravel boards provide stability and can be made in oak or pine. Most fences in Dulwich are closeboard pine or oak.

Picket Fencing

Hand built picket fencing is a very good option as it adds a more open feel to your garden. A picket fence is often used in front gardens where a more natural look is favoured. It enables you to display your favourite plants and creates a soft entrance to your property.

There are various finishes for a picket fence. For example: pointed, round top and flat top are the most common but other styles can also create a contemporary and unique new fence. A picket fence can be spaced to allow any size gap. It is available in oak or pine.

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Custom Fencing

Have you seen a new fence you like?  Does the idea of a standard fence bore you?  If you would like a unique custom built fence and have original ideas, we would be happy to discuss your plans. We may even be able to offer a few suggestions of our own.

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Security Fencing

Security fencing is largely used for commercial purposes but on occasion suits domestic requirements. The main two types of security fencing are chain link and palisade.

A chain link fence is ideal for securing areas such as sports fields, playgrounds and industrial spaces. A security fence is very versatile, affordable and requires little maintenance. It is difficult to climb and can be used along with security wire if local building regulations permit this.

Palisade fencing is the most secure option to supply and fit. The fence is made from strong galvanised steel and a typically pointed top. Hence, these qualities make it a formidable barrier in protecting your property from vandals and thieves. The durability and security offered by this type of fencing is reflected in the cost.