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Retaining peaceful relations with your neighbours can sometimes be challenging when it comes to erecting a new fence along a boundary line. Most people are just happy to see a nice new garden fence go up, but occasionally people may express concern over the boundary line, height and style of the fence as well as the potential damage to their property. We will also occasionally need access to the fence from your neighbour’s garden.

How can we assist?

Although we will discuss everything with you as our customer first, our intention is not to take sides but to help resolve any issues as calmly and easily as possible. This is normally achieved by agreeing where the fence should start and finish, the position of the fence posts and then running a string line along the boundary line so both parties can see where the finished fence will be situated. It may at times be necessary to get building plans to show the approximate position and who ultimately owns and is responsible for maintaining the fence.

As well as this, you may need to consider local council laws and guidelines for the height and style of the fence, especially if you require fencing in Dulwich.

Below are some PDF documents outlining guidelines for local councils. Please contact us for any additional information. (If you have any relevant information to share with others please send it to

Lewisham Dulwich EstateSouthwark Bromley

As you look through the basic rules and guidelines, compare this with what you see is generally accepted in your neighbourhood, and we can work from there.

Basic rules are as follows:

A basic garden fence should not be over 2 metres high.

Front garden fencing should be between 1 and 2 metres. (Please enquire for more information.)

A skip may require a permit.