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Sheds and Log Cabins


Whether you need a place to keep the kids entertained, or somewhere to store your tools, we can supply and fit a range of high quality sheds, log cabins and playhouses.


There are a large number of companies online that supply sheds, log cabins or custom made playhouses. Some are good, but some are truly awful. Although we are happy to fit any shed or log cabin supplied, we would recommend using the following companies as we can attest to the quality of their structures: Atlas Sheds and Shire Sheds & Cabins.


Some examples:

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Options are Shiplap (the boards partially overlap providing excellent weather protection and strength), Featheredge or Tongue and Groove.


The main feature to look for in a shed is its strength and durability. The recommended companies listed on this site supply a wide range of sheds from the basic to the beautiful. Often it is important to decide what the sheds function will be now but also consider what you may need to store in the future. You can then add a reinforced floor, shelves and workbenches to suit your needs.



We offer two types of foundations: a budget flagstone foundation or a concrete foundation. For log cabins you may require damp proofing integrated in to your concrete base. In addition to this some customers choose to have shingle or, the more attractive option, pebbles around the outside to reduce splash back from the ground.


If you require a shed, log cabin or playhouse, please call.

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Log Cabins


Log cabins create durable and versatile rooms in your garden. Log cabins can be ideal for a place to entertain, garden offices, gyms, playrooms, workshops or even just a retreat from your everyday stresses and strains.


The wood is high grade, thick, tongue and groove pine. Custom made designs are available. The structure would require also require a foundation.

  • Lollipop Max Tower_1
  • playhouses (4)
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  • playhouses (1)
  • playhouses (5)



Virtually impossible to work in, these tiny little houses create and exciting world for your little ones to play and let their imagination run wild. When building a playhouse, special consideration should be given to safety. It is important therefore to smooth sharp edges and minimise splintering as well as any other potential hazards