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There’s something quite enchanting about walking onto a well designed natural stone patio. My customers often say how much they love their new patio, whether it be the hues, colours and textures of indian sandstone or the clean sharp line of contemporary granite, there is definitely a wow when it comes to patios.

A new patio can create an exciting new place for the children to play, a sophisticated space to entertain guests, or just a place to relax and enjoy a drink or meal in the garden.

There are so many design options and features you can play about with to end up with a beautiful and natural structure. Here are some of our most popular stones.

  • indian_sandstone (14)
  • indian_sandstone (10)
  • indian_sandstone (13)
  • indian_sandstone (12)
  • indian_sandstone (1)

Indian sandstone

Very well priced for a natural stone.

Full of character and is available in multiple colours and finishes.

The stones are porous although they still weather well.

  • limestone (6)
  • limestone (1)
  • limestone (5)
  • limestone (8)
  • limestone (2)


Excellent option for those on a tight budget but would love a natural stone.

They typically comes in varying shades of grey.

They are quite porous and so can stain and bleach easily unless sealed.

  • granite_royale_stones
  • granite (6)
  • granite (1)
  • granite (2)
  • granite_nustone


These stones tend to be more expensive but will look fantastic for years to come.

Available in black, greys and pink tones.

Heavy but not particularly porous.

  • slate (4)
  • slate (2)
  • slate (6)
  • slate (1)
  • slate (5)


Creates a striking look with their dark clean tones.

Available in blues, blue/black, copper, green/grey and a purplish tone.

Are good with stains but are susceptible to water damage.

  • concrete_moulds_2
  • concrete_moulds_6
  • concrete_moulds_5
  • concrete_moulds_3_home4rt
  • concrete_moulds_4

Concrete moulds

They can be cheaper than natural stone but are heavy and wont weather as well.

Should you see something you like please just let us know and we will find you the best option for cost and value.