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“Do you do repairs”, one of our most frequently asked questions and the simple answer is yes. In fact as far as it is economically viable and fits into your requirements, we would always encourage a repair so as to minimize the environmental impact both on your garden and the forests that our certified wood comes from.

As repairs tend to be needed quite urgently to prevent further costs and damage we can generally give you a quote from a simple description and photos in an email or text/Whatsapp message.

Otherwise we can arrange a site visit and let you know whether it’s best to replace or to repair.

  • repairs (10)

    concrete spur

  • repairs (1)

    timber post replacement

  • repairs (3)

    timber post replacement

  • repairs (9)

    concrete spur

  • repairs (6)

    fence reinforcement

  • other (1)

    railway sleepers

  • panel 2


  • gates (1)
  • gates (3)
  • gates (5)

Other things we do…




Handmade furniture and crafts (wood store)

Lighting Installed from a qualified electrician.

Railway sleepers Oak or pine


Ponds and water features